YOTEL is all about innovative, flexible and smart design and with this philosophy we manage to build and get up to 50% more rooms on a site development than other hotels.

Our airport properties are all built inside existing terminal buildings, developing space that would otherwise not been utilized. YOTEL is conserving resources by renovating existing buildings and making use of the structures that are already in place at the airports. The fact that our hotels are situated inside the terminal building, also limits the carbon footprint of our customers to an absolute minimum. No transport, buses and taxis needed to get to us.


In September 2012 YOTEL was awarded with LEED® Gold citification by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED® is a global initiative that award buildings for their tremendous green and sustainable performance in relation to design, construction and operation of a property. To become LEED® Gold certified, YOTEL New York had to meet high sustainable standards for energy, lighting, water and material usage, as well as incorporating a variety of sustainable strategies. Here are a few points that have made YOTEL achieve this prestigious award:

  • YOTEL has occupancy sensors in each cabin that automatically turn on the lights to greet guests when they walk in the door and turn them off when guests leave. The occupancy sensors also scale back the heating and air conditioning when the room is vacant.
  • We hold renewable energy certificates, which equal to 35% of the building’s total predicted energy use for 2 years, supported by the generation of wind and solar power.
  • YOTEL invested in a high efficiency internal and external lighting system, which includes LED lamps that shine as bright as halogen lamps using a fraction of the energy.
  • YOTEL has a heat recovery system that captures the heat and humidity from the exhaust air and transfers it to the supply in winter and vice versa in the summer. This ensures that all the energy invested in tempering the ventilation air is not lost from the building.
  • We have implemented an outdoor collection system that captures water, which is then used to irrigate the landscaped terrace. This method not only conserves drinking water for potable needs, but also reduces storm water runoff from the site.
  • All finishes in YOTEL have been selected in order to achieve good standard of indoor air quality.
  • Before opening, YOTEL tested the air quality in a sample set of rooms and amenity spaces to confirm all of their indoor air quality goals had been achieved.